I'm Nate. Let's play a game. 

Talking with my hands again.

Talking with my hands again.

Every time I say "storyteller," take a drink.

I'm a storyteller.

Over the years, I’ve held nearly most positions in production, from audio engineering to editing to master control.

These days, I’ve chilled out considerably. I now focus on writing, producing and directing.

So, to reiterate, i’m a storyteller.


What I care about 

  • Telling Stories (storyteller)

  • Being veracious

  • Making connections

  • Art, music, photography

  • Helping others be their best selves

If you're interested in collaborating, don’t hesitate to reach out.



Hello. I’m Dr. Freud, but you may call me Siggy.
— Sigmund Freud, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure